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Useful Travel Apps and Websites

Summer is upon us once again and if you’re anything like me, you don’t like sitting and melting away at home. Summer is the one time my inner gallivanter finally gets to come out while my introverted outer shell cracks open.

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Benefits of Ordering Food Online

Who doesn’t love food? There’s hardly anyone out there who doesn’t enjoy it. But not everyone has the time to make it. They have jobs or other commitments that make it hard for them to come home and make a meal. So what options do you have?

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It’s Been A Year!

Well, hello there, lovelies!

Will you look at that! I’m back after almost a year. I told you guys I don’t stick to my blogs. And guess what, my lovely readers? The only reason I came back is because a frenemy of mine decided to start her own blog, (you know who you are).

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How to Turn Failure into Success

Failure is inevitable. Failure hurts. It can affect your life for months on end. But it is part of life. It is only natural that you fail at things, but that is how you learn to Grow. You learn from your failures, and it makes reaching your goals much more satisfying. Many times, when we fail, we refuse to see past it. We refuse to understand why it happened.

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The Great Panini Upsurge

The land of McDonalds and KFCs, Hardees and OPTPs is now finally evolving into something even more ridiculous than before. Long gone are the days when the people of Islamabad were known for their extravagance and elite social circles that were found at burger joints and cafés with their Hot Mocha Lattes.

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Vegetarians – A Rare Breed In Pakistan

Being a vegetarian in Pakistan is similar to telling someone you are an alien. The hawwwwwws and the haiiiiiiinnns don’t stop until you’ve answered at least 10 different questions of the person you’ve just stunned with your “individuality”. Continue reading “Vegetarians – A Rare Breed In Pakistan”

Travel Around The World

So you are thinking about traveling the world? Why choose one particular spot when you can visit them all and stop wherever you like? Traveling worldwide is a great option if you can’t decide on one particular place and if you have the travel bug in you.  But traveling around the world is not an easy thing to do. From booking tickets to traveling, it is a complex task and should only be done with a focused mindset. This article will guide you towards the dos and don’ts of traveling around the world so you can get started.
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