Word: NUST
Abbr. National University of Science and Technology
Definition: Chootiyapay ka Garh1

For those of you who don’t know what NUST is, let me first paint you guys a picture: On the outskirts of Islamabad, almost the entirety of H sector is dedicated to this one university known as National University of Science and Technology, or simply, NUST. It is considered to be one of Pakistan’s leading universities where getting an admission is close to impossible if you don’t have the perfect GPA and a solid recommendation. It is also partially owned by the military so therefore, discipline is paramount.

That being said, NUST is also one of the most over-rated, chootiya2, and fazool-tareen3 places, I ever got accepted to.

I was in my last year of college when my friends and I decided to apply to NUST for our Masters. It was an agreement of sorts that we’d stick together after university finished (THAT turned out to be a big joke, but it’s a story for another day). So when the time came, we were all so busy with our final thesis that I forgot and missed the deadline for admissions. My friends – the assholes that they were – didn’t remind me and applied without me. One failed his GAT Exam and the other, surprisingly, passed and got accepted.

To me, getting into NUST always seemed impossible, as many other outsiders seem to think so. My khala4 was in NUST and she made such a big deal out of it that I used to always have this fear of getting rejected. She seemed to have put NUST on a pedestal and every conversation with her ended up with “NUST me daakhla lena har kisi ke bass ki baat nahi” (Not everyone is capable of getting into NUST)

But when I found out that my friend – an average student at best – got accepted, I knew that it would be a walk in the park for me – a straight A, 4.0 GPA holder. So when the next year came, I was fully prepared. I had the GAT book fully memorized and I had my solid sifarish5 ready. Now I don’t know about other departments in NUST as I had applied for their Mass Communication program. So what I’m about to write is solely based on my personal experience in S3H, which is short for School of Social Sciences. Get it? S cube H. The three is for the 3 S’s of School, Social, and Sciences. It’s like how Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham6 became K3G. Anyway, back to the story…

I didn’t understand why so many applicants were scared on the day of the interview and why so many people were scared during the GAT Examination – on which I scored a 96 out of a 100, by the way. I had also persuaded a friend of mine to apply for NUST with me. She came with me for the interview but slept through her GAT examination day so she took herself out of the equation.

Now, on the day of the interview is when I met the first Boss Bitch of NUST. Miss Ayesha Arif Khan… or as we liked to call her, AAK. So I was just hanging out in a classroom aka waiting room for my name to be called for the interview and that is when I heard people around me talking about a scary woman who we should all be wary of. There were rumors about the interview being held in two different rooms and everyone was being told to steer clear of the room where AAK was. I figured I have nothing to lose so I didn’t really care which room I was sent to. However, when my number came -second to last – after hours of waiting, I was assigned to AAK’s room. BUT all hope was not lost. I was pretty confident. I entered the room and I saw this stick thin woman with a blonde bob cut looking down at my file. There was another guy in the room – a Sir Faraan – who asked me to sit down and tell him about myself. All the while, AAK only looked at my file and didn’t even bother looking up once.

I answer one question… she flips a page…

I answer another question… she flips another page…

I answer yet another question… she flips yet another page…

This went on for the entirety of my interview and not once did she look up at me or even acknowledge my existence. The interview went well and all her page flipping excited me because it was just one letter of appreciation after another… One gold medal after another. So when I walked out of the room, I was pretty confident. I had aced the GAT Exam and I had tucked away my awkward, socially anxious self and brought forth my confident alter ego for the interview. So while I was leaving NUST with my friend that day, there was no doubt in my mind that I wouldn’t get in. I looked through my rearview mirror taking in every view that I could of NUST while I was driving away, counting the day I’d be back here officially as a part of NUST.

How naïve I was back then. Who knew I was signing up for 1.5 years of shit parades and shit cocktails all mixed together and shoved down our throats…

That’s it for now, my Lovelies…

NUST Was A BUST will be a part of a series where I will let you in on how it’s actually like in NUST. I have not yet decided on how many parts this series will have so, for now, this is PART ONE of many.

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1  Root Of Bullshit
The Translated Version Doesn’t Do Justice To Its Urdu Counterpart
2  Bullshit
3  Nonsense
4  Aunt
5  Recommendation
It’s An Indian Movie, Google It