Do you ever feel like there are some habits that only you in the entire world possess? Little things, like eating fruit a certain way, or having a quirk that individualizes you from the rest of the crowd?

Well, I have these quirks and habits and they make me who I am. I think everyone has these personal idiosyncrasies that make them unique. It makes them different than the rest. These are the things that make that make you special. That make that special someone fall for you. These are the things that make you, YOU.

Now I don’t know about you, but my things are MY THINGS.

I’m usually a very calm and collected person and not at all selfish but when it comes to someone possessing my quirks – things that make me different than the rest – then you and I have a problem!

Now I know how it sounds (Crazy right?!), I can’t possibly be the only person in the entire world to possess a certain quirk or habit. There are bound to be people out there who have the same exact habit or quirk as me, and I get it. Like really, I get it. See, when I say Some Things Are Just Mine, I mean to say that in my own social circle, I’m the only one who possesses these habits.

Recently, I went to a place and it was a really beautiful restaurant corner and I Snapchatted about it. Everyone started asking me where it was. But see here’s the thing: I’m possessive about things and places I discover. Now I know what you’re going to say, “I can’t possibly be serious?”

But I am.

And I know it sounds crazy but remember, I told you I only mean this inside my own social circle. So when I say some things are mine, I mean that in my social circle, I’m the only one who can have these things. There are some things I don’t like sharing with people, and my quirks – quirks that make me unique – are one of them. For e.g.

Being a vegetarian in Pakistan is rare. Never in all of my 15 years of being a vegetarian, have I ever come across another vegetarian in Pakistan. So being a vegetarian is simply MY thing in my social circle. I have never met anyone who claims to be a vegetarian and so, I feel good knowing that I am, in a way, unique.

Similarly, being an introvert is my thing.

Having panic attacks, my thing.

Reading movie plots on Wikipedia instead of wasting two hours watching the movie, my thing.

Watching 47 TV shows at the same time, my thing.

Cutting mangoes in half and making cups out of them to eat ‘em with a spoon, my thing.

Being good at writing my thing.

Owning a blog, my thing.

See, these are a few things that are just mine. I don’t like sharing or telling people about these habits and quirks because I fear they will steal them (which they do). Call me selfish but I don’t care. Some things are just mine in my social circle. I don’t care if the world is doing it but in my circle, I’m the only one who does it. I feel pride in being the odd one out. Being the weirdo. And if I see people acting like me or being like me, it annoys me. It’s one of my BIGGEST pet peeves.

Like recently, I Snapchatted a couple of TV shows I’ve been watching and then a few days back, I see my friends Snapchatting about the show as well and talking about them when we hang out as if they’re the ones who found them.

Like, NO! WTF? That show is my thing, bitch!

Watch your Pyaray Afzals and Humsafars like the basic bitches you are.

I am who I am without faking it. I never needed to copy anyone. I am a socially handicapped buffoon at times but at least I am original. I just feel that if people start liking what I like or doing what I do, I will lose my originality. And you shouldn’t be copying be or anyone for that matter. Because you’re not only minimizing my individuality, you’re minimizing your individuality as well.

And I won’t allow it. I refuse to let that happen to me.