Another Year Older, Another Year Wiser (not really)

Hello, again my lovelies. It’s my birthday today. Well, technically I still have about 11 hours remaining to actually be a year older because I was born on 16th June at exactly 12 pm. My mom is kinda punctual about things like popping out babies’ haha.

I’m just kidding.

Anyway, so here I am, in my room watching Yes Man because I don’t have friends who come knocking down the front door with party poppers and cake and birthday gifts with photo collages of memorable times – insert sad face emoji here.

Heck, my family went to bed before midnight so I don’t have anyone saying happy birthday to me in person. Well, I won’t say I don’t have anyone because I have been getting texts and calls from people saying happy birthday to me but that’s no fun, is it?

The Boyfriend (yes, I have a Boyfriend) couldn’t make it at midnight either but oh well.

I wasn’t planning on doing much on my birthday as always but a friend of mine who can’t go out a lot told me to do something for my birthday so her parents would allow her to go out and so TADA I’m throwing a birthday party for myself (for her?). My mom has been trying to host a dinner party for quite some time now so when I suggested her the idea, she was much too eager to agree.

So now a bunch of my friends and acquaintances are coming over and I’ve made sure to inform them that if the party is boring, I’m not to blame as I had nothing to do with it. 😂

Anyway, the only good thing that’s coming out of this party is the gifts. The God Damn GIFTS!!!! I can’t believe I’m getting gifts this time round. My family is not much into gift giving and such as they’ve always been the kind to just hand out money as a form of present as they think it’s a better option because that way, you can buy whatever you like with it instead of getting something that you won’t even use.

My family is one of those families that doesn’t like giving gifts and doesn’t appreciate getting them. Again, that’s how the parents are so that’s what they think the kids are like as well. But no, I love getting gifts. But of course, living with my parents I’ve come to terms with getting about 20k on every occasion. Be it Eid, birthdays or New Years’ so it kind of works itself out. But I wouldn’t mind getting a gift every now and then ya’know?

The Boyfriend did give me a Persian cat once. I called him Punchy. He was an ugly old lovable Smokey gray cat but thanks to my parents he died. The poor thing wasn’t meant to be kept out and my parents wouldn’t let me keep it inside. And so the outside world took a toll on him.

I told The Boyfriend not to give me animals as gifts after that.

Anyway, this post took a dark turn. As I was saying, thanks to this birthday party, I’m going to get gifts. And that’s the only thing that’s making me look forward to this event. I’m going to get sooooooo many gifts tomorrow 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

Make it rain, baby!!

Anyway as a birthday gift, spread the word about this blog, my lovelies. I’d be thankful.

Much Love,