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My Trip To Not So Azad Kashmir

Summers are the time for one to enjoy oneself and if circumstances allow, travel. Such was this year’s summer for me. I got to travel quite a bit and I still have more places to explore. Continue reading “My Trip To Not So Azad Kashmir”


The Tharkification of Instagram


For those of you who don’t know what tharkification is, let me explain it to you first. Tharkification is derived from the Urdu word tharki which means pervert. Therefore, tharkification means perversion. Continue reading “The Tharkification of Instagram”

Lion vs. Sheep – Pakistani Society and Its Obsession with Following Others

Hey, guys! Sorry for the long absence but I was a little busy trying to save the world. Continue reading “Lion vs. Sheep – Pakistani Society and Its Obsession with Following Others”

Equality – Privilege or Adversity in Modern Day Pakistan?

As a woman born into a family who considers their daughters equal to their sons, it is often quite hard for me to come face to face with inequality in the present day society of Pakistan. Continue reading “Equality – Privilege or Adversity in Modern Day Pakistan?”

The Forty Rules of Love – Book Review

I had promised myself I would never give in to reading books of this sort as they served more as pictures on Facebook and Instagram for likes rather than actually being read. But I couldn’t have chosen a better book to reignite old habits of finishing 3 books a week! Continue reading “The Forty Rules of Love – Book Review”

NUST Was A BUST – Part 1

Word: NUST
Abbr. National University of Science and Technology
Definition: Chootiyapay ka Garh1 Continue reading “NUST Was A BUST – Part 1”

New Series

Hello, my Lovelies!

I’m starting a new series on my blog. Continue reading “New Series”

Some Things Are Just MINE

Do you ever feel like there are some habits that only you in the entire world possess? Little things, like eating fruit a certain way, or having a quirk that individualizes you from the rest of the crowd? Continue reading “Some Things Are Just MINE”

The Shame in Body Shaming

Body shaming seems to be just one of those things that will never fade away. Pick up any magazine or turn on the TV to any show and all you can see is body shaming. Continue reading “The Shame in Body Shaming”

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